Lifelock Notification - unreal forum information found on DarkWeb


Just got notified by Lifelock that my email and information for the Unreal forums was found on the dark web. Just letting you all know.

It’s known fact that epic forum compromised user data, without password, but everything else.

Lifelock claims the password was exposed online. If that is not the case then Lifelock should be informed immediately so they will issue a correction.

Hello, I’ve reported this to a series of teams internally at Epic. We have our security folks looking into it right now and we’ll get back to you shortly about the results.

Hello again! Good news, that alert was a false positive. Your email showed up somewhere with an associated “password”, but it was not a real one thanks to our forum security measures. We’re trying to contact Lifelock now to get these kinds of alerts to be more accurate. Sorry about any worry that caused you.