(main problem: Do not know wich software is correct for me , for the rest of my LIFE,i tryed few atm)

(short VERSION: can i do Animation MOVIE with UNREAL ENGINE, preparing earlier my Animation (motions for Characters and Objects in ICLONE) ? it will better than creation movie in ICLONE 7? i know UNREAL ENGINE is a complex Studio but im open and ready to learn everything from scratch) I suggest read NORMAL VERSION , there is description what i know, what i can and what i want to do. Im 33 years old guy / in Animation world 1 year. My point is doing 2-60 minutes length Animation Movies. My Skill is 80% Animator (of objects / characters) 10% visualizator, 10% moddeler). Yep im Amateur but with ever free minute im practicing. I dont wanna be a master i dont wanna be better than everyone else, i want a be great Animator this is not tournament. I know it takes from me whole my life. 3-5-10-20 years to be great or even more.

(normal VERSION)
Hey Everyone. (sorry for calling TITLE like this but somehow i need to pay your attention)

Short Description: im 33 years old. In Animation world (creating objects(10% ), VISUALISATION THEM(10%) animation them(80%), composin the scene, rendering movie) from 1 YEAR. Being a kid when i was 8-12 years old i started to programing in C++ / C / Delphi etc , for abt 5 years till 18 i JUST RLY love this…
Then i quit from Computers for no reason … If im to be honest emm i just start drinking alcohol and drugs for abt 12 years :wink: (yep i was man wrack).Now Im complete clean from drugs and alco from abt 3 Years. When everything backs to normal i start to feel this again PC World… I just want to draw my IMAGINE at Digital Screens. I decided to spend rest of my life doing Animations , for games, for anything , especialy for MOVIES - ONLY 3D.

At what LVL currently im right now? - My first 3 MONTHS was Daz STUDIO , that was a joke… i tryed to do big Animation, without any lessons , tutorials anything… For no reason i landed to ICLONE… but with ICLONE i treat this software 100% serious. I made abt 80 lessons (there is Abt 100 or more lesson till i finish with ICLONE tutorials im ready for it , im rly PATIENT guy) TIL NOW. with some lessons i spend even 5-7 hours even they was 30 minutes… Then i practice them and practice (loop). in a 24 hours i have abt 5-6 hours for learning and doing my first animation project. I mixing time doing lessons (from 9 months) / creating first project (from abt 6 months.)

Suddenly after allmost 1 yaer animation i discover UNREAL ENGINE… , being an complete amateur (in UE) im ABLE to do better VISUALISTION (SCENE) in Unreal Engine than in ICLONE after 9 months (of practicing… ) thats bad for iclone , i co do RLY nice VISUALISATION for ICLONE, for real… but for me its Obvious ICLONE is few LVL down than UE Visualization :). IM 100% NOOB in UE - but i have ability to Create nice MOTIONS for OBJECTS and HUMAN models no matter what in ICLONE , iclone have ability to Export this MOTIONS to UE.

I just want to know that i should STOP doing more Tutorials for ICLONE (there is left over 100 Tutorial some kinda a 150 atm im after allmost 80 lessons IN ICLONE). FOR me most important are Animations (motions) - > Humans/OBCJETS - I FINISHED COMPLETE EVERYTHING (tutoria for MOTIONS) for iclone… now im only practicing THEM and still doing Rest of LESSONS for Modyfing Characters (CC3) , For Special EFFECTS ( with emmiters texture, objects) , for POP VIDEO, for VISUAL RENDER in iclone. SHOULD I stop Learning with ICLONE and start Learning with UE?

My point is -> DOING animation (motion) for Bodies and Objects in ICLONE (cuz i simply like it,im all the time practicing it (this is my life in my free time) , im using most important tool for motion like Curve Editor wich gives us Ability to do complete dynamic motions) Exporting those Animations (motions) to UE , and start to LEARN WHOLE big spectrum for UE ?

Im just SOLO guy Animator i know how to look like creating a movie or a complex Animation, this is a process with 20 or 100 or even more ppl at the same project , 30 ppl doing motion, 40 ppls
doing Visualization, another 40 ppl doing (modeling), in blender for example, another 20 ppls do VFX , another 30 ppl doing SOUND FX etc etc etc. But im still solo, im open to learn everything (i know there is to less life for it).

IF Unreal ENGINE has ability to DOING games -> Then i wont belive i cannot DO Animation MOVIES. i can even everything programing(c++ if i should to learn i ready for it) for working like i want (like a Animation Studio kinda ICLONE etc) - Guys AM I RIGHT (please) ?

i Know i should have at least basics in BLENDER (moddeling) from abt 1 month i start to do lessons from youtube , for creating some objects, i have tons of different obj in my file libraries but sometimes we need our CUSTOM landscapes, object anything… I dont wanna be a SUPER moddeler , NOPE.

I dont have any mocaps or any simpliefing solution for making MOTIONS im editing everything step by step in animation layers / curve editor this is rly complex and slow process (especially when you learning this) etc. Ill buy it someday i hope :wink:

I rlly like ICLONE but yesterday i was broken… (bugs… -…-) i hava big problems with TIMELINE , it crushing with no reason im not even able to do anything with my Key-frames this is SICK.
I tryed EVERYTHING , turned off all visaulistion , just everything, turned off PhysX , delete anything, there was only Special Effect and still the BUG, this is not THE first time when i had problem with this. Then i ASK my self → If i have such problem at this STAGE when is only 1 - Speciall effect , what will be LATER , when i create a RLY COMPLEX scene… :frowning: ? this is SICK.

I know there is Maya, 3Ds Max, Blender and more, but i started SERIOUS with ICLONE , then i DISCOVER Unreal ENGINE -> My Goal is (i know im not a ROBOT) and i never do BIG animation MOVIE kinda 90 MINUTES or something (maybe with MOCAPS) : so my goal is Creating a Short Dynamic animation Movies with Beatifull visualization from 2 - 60 minutes in Unreal Engine. I dont
wanna do Computer Games :slight_smile: or maybe when i lost my minds completly :smiley: :slight_smile: haha.

I just want to prepare MY MOTIONS in ICLONE, then SEND them Unreal (maybe with OBJECTS) cuz actually DH SHader for ICLONE characters is just Amazing… then create Beatifull Visualization in Unreal Engine then Render a complete MOVIE in UNREAL ENGINE? I just wanna be like 80% Anime Creator, 19% Visualization Creator , 1% MODDELER.

IS Unreal ENGINE is better choice than ICLONE(studio) to create Animation MOVIES? (logic says YES i can do Computer Games in it so why i cant do Movies… )

I just simply need help some BIG explanation what should i do and what i should NOT do. I dont wanna waste my life Learning ICLONE lessons when i can start my LIFE adventure with UNREAL.

(ps. IM rly patient man, belive me or not , creating motions from scratch step by step using only motion layers / curve editor its not so easy(fast) like a MOCAP systems, and im able to LEARN everything from scratch…)

BIG BIG BIG thanks for any Hints !!! Please enlighten me… i rly dont know what to do…

ps2. if you wanna here is my yutube you can see my first steps with Animation , dont expect anything big im just an practicing amatuer. (if its not allowed to putting links i just wanna say sorry) i dont have a time to read 30 pages of rules.

best Regards Tin !