LiF Styled Inventory System

I am currently trying to make an inventory system similar to the LiF MMO one. I want my players entire inventory to be one big slot and allow all the items to fit inside it and be moved around as pleased. I know how to make a slot based Inventory since that is what I currently have set-up within my project. But I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction on how to create and approach doing that style of inventory and whether you have some guides I could follow. It’d be much appreciated! Thank you.

download.jpg very rough example with download,
also search the forum for user Flakky who had a thread here somewhere.
He has a Russian channel with a downloadable survival game with a rough example. if you can speak Russian… this may be all you need?

the main bit to look at is the check distances to edges and checking columns and rows for empty slots, the order of “for-loops and loops” and understanding the logic.

Both of the above are rough with limits functionality,
but for free they are fantastic and those guys awesome,
useful as a starting point to get the basic idea, you will still need to put in many hours to make them usable.

The multi slot inventory’s on the market place are very reasonably priced, even as a learning resource and maybe your best bet on a usable example.
Haven’t really looked so not sure if these are exposed blueprints you can examine or plugins??

There is also another thread here somewhere, think “Diablo style inventory” could be the search term to use, that thread has a run down of the basic principles.

Hope this helps…