License for arcade game board?

Our company would like to use UE for building game content in our board for commercial use.

In current EULA, we can not figure out what the ‘product’ is mapped into our product lines? We might build games selling to different countries with different name and content. They are same project, but different contents, different pricing strategies,etc.

So the ‘product’ in current EULA is the board? Or the game? Or the project?
Or it should be signed as another custom license?

Some AAA arcade game developing company like Capcom or EA, what are their licenses?
Are they use current EULA,too? Or they signed as their custom license?

The Product would be the arcade unit made available to customers. This is the definition of Product:

“Product” means any product developed under this Agreement that is made using the Licensed Technology or that combines the Licensed Technology with any other software or content, regardless of how much or little of the Licensed Technology is used.

I’m not sure I understand your other questions. Also I can’t comment on licensing arrangements with other companies.