Licence blocked ! RC demo, rent or buy ?


This morning it’s not possible to launch RC (licence expired), but it’s not possible to download the new trial version or to buy or rent a licence. And what’s the prices of the licences ?

This morning I wanted to show a project to a client, and i am not able to open projects created with the previous release. It’s really annoying… Why it’s not possible to open old projects, just to show the results ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Hi Yoz and all others

Devs worked up to 4:00 AM but as looking on the web its not finished.

For today is planed official release of new license and pricing information. Please be patient for today…
we will inform you ASAP

Hi Milos,

Thanks for your answer. But why it’s not possible to open old projects ? Is there a free viewer to open them ?

Kind regards.

Hi Rivet

There is not free viewer right now at hands…

Just stay patient for today, we will have a free viewer…