[LFW UNPAID] Writer / LOREax

Skillset(s): Writer

  • Published Author
  • Newspaper Writer (Local and University)
  • Game Reviews
  • Long History of D&D Story Craftsmanship

I am a young author who has written for various places, some payed and some unpaid. I am published in newspapers, online websites, and in the process of getting my book published. I can assist in anyway you need me to when it comes to the written word. If you need flavor text, general outlines, lore, backstories, and anything else that a writer could assist with I am your man. Hit me up even if you want a second opinion on something, I would be happy to help.

Previous Work:

This is a short story I wrote for Halloween in my home town, I won first place with it and it was published in the newspaper. The story had to be under 100 words.

"I awake with a deep gasp, when I look around I don’t know where I am or how I got here. I get up trying to get my baring, I notice that I am surrounded by tall trees. I cannot see the sky but am able to deduce that it is early in the day. It has to be early morning, there is still early morning fog everywhere. I look down and notice that my clothing is littered with dead leaves and dirt. I attempt to remove them from my jeans and blue shirt but the dirt is just to moist to remove it all. Damn, now my hands are covered in it. As I let out a sigh of regret I get the feeling that something is watching me. The fog is becoming denser, engulfing my ankles entirely. As I frantically look back and forth, I hear a sound, it sounds like a twig snapping in the distance. I call out to the sound “Hello! Is anyone there?” I get no response I ask again but this time am replied to by a deep roar. I stumble backwards from the roar, I run in the opposite direction, up the hill and deeper into the fog. The fog is now up to my waist; I feel safe for the time being at what seems to be the top of the hill. Nothing makes sense, I walk along what seems to be a deer path attempting to make as little noise as possible. The Fog is now giving off such a terrible odor, almost like copper.

I have been walking for at least an hour now, there is no shift in daylight. It has been at a constant mid-morning shade. I can’t walk anymore, I must rest. I put my back against a tree and set on its roots to catch my breath. The fog is over my head and I can’t see past my reach but whatever is around won’t be able to see me either, I hope. Minutes go by, at least five of them, I am interrupted by the tromping of leaves being stepped on. I am too frightened to move. The sounds are getting close; my body is screaming at me to run so I build up the energy to burst run down the hill. The fog is lifting but the fog is coming less dense as I make my way down the hill. With the newly gained vision I realize where I am, I am by the hill behind my house. The sounds of footsteps getting louder and faster, it is gaining on me. I look back into the fog as I am running forward, all I see are glaring red eyes. I let out a scream of fear and attempt to run faster, I trip over my own feet and fall down the hill. I awake with a deep gasp, when I look around I don’t know where I am or how I got here."

Skype: harley.hogge