[LFW UNPAID] Learning Logo creation

Hi everyone,

I’m currently following a professional training for a degree in “UI design and conception”, and there is a learning module about visual communication and logo creation.
I have been asked as an exercice to create logos for other people, so it more like a “looking for homework” :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course it is free but since I’m in a learning process I cannot guarantee 100% satisfaction. However I will do my best to show you my ideas, get your feedbacks, rework, reiterate until you are satisfied, that’s the goal of the exercice.

You will be free to use the logo or not, and will have full rights if you decide to use it.

If you are interested, send me a private message with any pertinent informations :

  • Name of the brand/game/studio
  • Editorial slant
  • History/specificity of the brand
  • Elements/concepts/ideas that should appear on the logo
  • Exemple of an existing logo if you already have one (and what you like/dislike about it)
  • Anything else

Thanks in advance !