[LFW UNPAID] Joseph "Moose" Aleman - 3D Model/Texture

II am looking for new work to add to my portfolio.

Skillset(s): 3D Modeling/Texturing

  • 4 years in maya.
  • 1 year substance painter/designer
  • 3 months in Unreal

I also have experience rigging and animating and am willing to do it but won’t be as quick.

Previous Work:

Jared’s Stool by 1610Europa on Sketchfab

Futuristic Ammo Crate by 1610Europa on Sketchfab


Discord: Moose#4840

Additional Information:

I have a newborn (3months) so my schedule is a bit hectic.**

Hi Joseph, for some reason my browser is getting a dns error when I click your name to send you a message. Could you send me one so I can reply?


I tried messaging you, if it doesn’t go through, try emailing me or messaging me on discord.