[LFW ROYALTY] Adrian Solomon (Godzy) - 3D Generalist

Hey guys!
My name is Adrian Solomon and I am a self-thought 3D Artist from Romania. My goal is simple: create a (small) high quality game that’s functional and hopefully visually stunning.


  • High Poly Modelling/Sculpting
  • Low Poly Modelling
  • Texturing (WIP)
  • Rigging
  • Animation (Currently Learning)

Previous Work:
About 3 years ago I started learning 3D in order to make Dota 2 Cosmetics and have been doing it ever since.



Additional Information:

  • No day job/school so I’m pretty much always available
  • Money is not my biggest concern right now, finding a good collab is
  • Very much interested in improving my skills and/or learning new things
  • Interested ONLY in realistic projects. Would pick a small mobile game over a “2 man WoW killer team”
  • Preferred art styles: Fantasy, Stylized, Hand-Painted PBR, Cartoony
  • Hyper-realism/sci-fi aren’t really my thing but I would probably give it a try.

Thanks for checking out my thread!
Feel free to leave a comment.