[LFW PAID] Daniel Sykora - Composer/Sound Designer

I’m Daniel Sykora, a Toronto based composer/sound designer who’s worked in both film and video games.

The projects I’ve worked on have required me to successfully deliver multiple musical styles: orchestral, jazz, rock, pop, ambient, metal, and electronic. I am experienced in interactive music techniques, sound design, Unreal + Blueprints, Unity 5, FMOD, Wwise, and have some basic knowledge in C#.


Interative FMOD Dark Battle Theme

Unity + FMOD Audio Demo - shows off some interactive music

Unity + Wwise Audio Demo - shows off some of Wwise’s features (namely for interactive music)

Lost for Words - iOS/Android puzzle game

Listen to some of my previous audio here:


• Rates vary depending on size/scope/complexity of project.

• Budget-based projects are negotiable.

Contact Me:

• Email me via email or fill out a contact form on my website