[LFW PAID/CONTRACT] Michael Munk - Animator

**Skillset(s):**3D Animator

  • 10 Years at Tripwire Interactive
  • Lead 1st person animator
  • 3rd person animator
  • Mocap Clean up
  • Access to Optical Mocap Hardware

Previous Work:
Worked as an Animator on Killing Floor.
Worked as an Animator on Red Orchestra 2.
Worked as Lead Weapon Animator on Rising Storm, while managing 2 other animators.
Worked as Lead Weapon Animator on Killing Floor 2.
Worked on Weapons for Killing Floor Incursion VR.

Worked mainly as a 1st person weapon animator and 3rd person character animator


Discord: Ritterkreuz #9441

Additional Information:

  • Looking to work Remote so I can stay location independent
  • Available 5 days a week. (sometimes more)
  • Wages Negotiable per contract/task.

Comments welcome!

Available for work!

Your portfolio link is not working.

Thanks I updated it and it is working for me.

Available for work!

Available for work!!