[LFW] [PAID/CONTRACT] Game Designer/Developer/QA

**Status: Available **

About Me
Hi! I’m Luke. 27 year old male living in the UK. I’m looking for part-time work in gameplay designing, developing and/or writing. I can also do rapid prototyping and full game production. I love fantasy, adventure and horror. I’m extremely passionate about what I do, and what I do is help make your projects a success. If you feel like I could be great for your project and team, contact me and I will be happy to discuss it with you. The reason I’m currently only looking for part-time work is due to the fact I’m developing my solo project Fall of Civilization on Steam Early Access.


  • Game Production
  • Blueprints
  • C++
  • Multiplayer
  • Single Player
  • UMG
  • AI
  • Game/Systems Design
  • Marketplace Asset Integration
  • Steamworks Integration
  • Production Management
  • Code debugging
  • Playtesting

Previous Experience

  • 5+ years of Game Design and Unreal Development
  • 3+ years of working in QA for several companies including Codemasters and Ndreams.
  • Solo designed, developed and published a title to Steam Early Access
  • Created and integrated a gameplay system to the Unreal Marketplace

Here you can find more information about my skillset and projects I have worked on.

I am currently looking for paid or contract work with secured funding. I can work part-time for a fixed monthly rate or standard hourly rates with negotiable flexible hours.
I can and prefer to work remotely but I’m open to relocating to somewhere in the UK.

Email: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: LDodds#2516
Forum messages and thread replies are also welcome.

Additional information can be request and feedback is welcome.
Thank you

Currently developing Fall of Civilization in my spare time and i’m working at Codemasters full-time, so if I found the right project to work on that would replace my current full-time occupation.

Steam: Steam Community :: Fall of Civilization

Currently closed for work as I’ve accepted a contract with Koryu Studios.

I have become available for part time work
Also got two Fiverr gigs open for
Creating Game Prototypes - Create a prototype of your game in unreal engine 4 by Lukedodds | Fiverr
Professional Game Testing - Professionally test your game by Lukedodds | Fiverr;base64
](Professionally test your game by Lukedodds | Fiverr)

After 4 successful orders I’m always looking for more, be it Game Testing, Game Development, Rapid Prototyping or even Dungeons and Dragons!
Feel free to message me with questions or offers, prices and hours are negotiable.

Now offering game developement consultant services alongside prototyping and QA

Still offering professional game testing services with flexible hours and prices.
Contact me for more info

Looking for a new game to work on and a new team to join!

Open to roles of Game Designer / QA or abit of both, im happy to be flexible.

Attached is my CV.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Please check your Discord :slight_smile:

No longer free for work!

Current open to freelance Game Testing (QA), small game development/prototyping, consultations and D&D writing! Fiverr link

Open to some freelance testing, indie friendly flexible prices and a good service.
Please contact me before making an order :slight_smile: