[LFW PAID/CONTRACT] Denis "DEN_DNK" - Software Developer, C++, UE4-Generalist

**Hello, I’m Denis, Software Developer, C++, UE4-Generalist, **specializing in visualization systems and game development.

Skillset(s): C++ Programmer, Blueprint Scripting, UE4-Generalist, Android development
5 years in industry

Previous Work:

Multiplayer VR project with Leap Motion
Multiplayer game logic, setup animations, adding UI

Multiplayer VR project with Samsung Odyssey+
Multiplayer game logic, setup animations, adding UI, adding multiplayer car functional

Mobile android game app Magic Ball
Full development

Mobile android educational app X2 Solver
Full development

PC game ST Multiplayer Games with Destructions
Adding bots behavrior logic, setup animations, setup players logic, setup multiplayer game logic

PC game 4th protocol
Adding weapons logic, setup animations, dodge logic, different behavior scenarios for bots, multiplayer destruction logic

Tram Simulator
Preparing Real landscapes, Roads, People simulation, technical training

UE4 Plugin OSM Real road pipeline
Full development

Denis den_dnk

Denis den_dnk

Telegram: @DenDNK
Discord: DNK#2819
E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Additional Information:
Languages: English / Russian / Belarusian
Work format: Online / I am also considering the possibility of working in an office
Can travel/relocate
Open to new offers and ready for cooperation