[LFW] Logan Dougherty - Music Composer

Hey everybody,

So recently I’ve really wanted to begin a career in composing music for games, films, tv shows, etc. At this current point in time, my portfolio is rather non-existent and would really love to get involved in a variety of projects and build a better portfolio and get some good experience going. Of course I’d love to be paid (who doesn’t love getting money) but am more focused on building my portfolio at the moment. So as time permits, I’ll gladly jump on projects and help them out. Unfortunately I don’t have much experience in sound design for stuff like sound effects so won’t be much help in that regard. I have some clips of stuff for a game that I’m working on at the moment, and can share those if you guys e-mail me.


  • Music Composition (5+ years)
  • Piano Performance (7+ years)
  • Guitar/Drum Performance (4+ years)


  • For both some clips of my piano performance and a couple of tracks, you can look at my YouTube page:

Feel free to drop me a PM here, or e-mail me. I do tend to check e-mail a lot more frequently, but will try to check here daily. :slight_smile: