[LFW] Brandon Wright – Game Designer

**Brandon Wright – Game Designer[Training] **

My name is Brandon Wright and I am posting this thread because I am trying to look for some work. I’m not looking for money but if you could pay me that would be nice because I’m a college student right now and I need the money.

I’m an aspiring game designer trying to get into the industry as early as I can by learning the ropes now before it is too late. I want to expand my knowledge and be able to do more.

I also have an Idea for a game that I would love to create. Although, I’m not trying to create it any time soon because it is a very ambitious project. The game is a hybrid of Borderlands, Destiny, Warframe and has some elements of Gundam as well. That being said, it’s my own idea, not copying anything from any of the games/anime that I just mentioned. Also it is an open world RPG adventure game, but I don’t know if I want to make it an MMO.

• I have some basic skills in c++
• I have basic skills in using Unreal Engine 4 (I’m currently learning, on my own how to do things)
• I have basic art/concept art skills.
• I also have some basic blender skills
o Modeling
o Texturing

I have no work experience right now because I’m a college student but I’m currently trying to get a game design internship in the summer of 2017.

I also don’t have a Portfolio right now because I’m just getting started but I’m in the works of making one for myself so that I can be marketable.

I Know that I might not seem like much, and your right but please give me a chance. I’m really serious about doing this and starting early. Also, If someone does decide to hire me, I would love it if you can teach me everything you can about anything related to my project or the project that we will be working on. Or it can even just be some knowledge that you think I should know. As I have stated before I’m currently trying to learn Unreal Engine by myself and it is hard. I would love for Someone to help me out.

Contact Info:
Skype: Brandon Wright
You can request More information if you would like to, just message me.

Hi Brandon,

You could try building mini games for my project. There’s no money in it at this point but if your work’s good enough it’ll get released and you’ll get a credit. Back when I was hiring this counted for a lot (college degree is a foot in the door - but demonstration of having got your feet wet is immense). I can help a bit with unreal and also with general help towards getting into the games industry.

Also - I think my project is really cool, but its not borderlands or UT or GTA. However it is cool… groundbreaking and limitless potential.

PM me if you’re interested!


which is your skype? there is hundreds of Brandon Wright