LF Childish, Innocent Girl Voice Actor

I am looking for a voice actress to do childish, innocent girl voice over for a cute cartoonish adorable game character. Please review the links for an example of the voice I am looking for.
Little Dory (From Finding Dory)
Little Nemo (From Finding Nemo)
Thumper (From Bambi)
As you see, these are all children’s voice.
The way I see it, those who will read this post will not have the voice I am looking for (well because they are big), and those who have the voice will not read this post (well because they are children). So, if you have a little sister, little cousin, or little daughter who you think is eligible for such a sweet voice, please be kind enough to read this post to her.
You can send me a message here. (email:
I already assembled a team of one amazing programmer, one artist, one animator. We had conversations with a few sound developers, and with a few voice actors for a dark evil wizard. If we find this child voice actress, the development team will be complete.