Levels based on seed (RandomStream) not working


I’ve in my main level a blueprint that generates the level layout based on a seed.
In the Editor, when I change the seed number, the level layout changes, working as intended.

However, when I load everything up on the Android, only the default seed number is used to generate the level.
If the seed number is changed manually or by script (i.e. when completing the level, the seed number goes +1).

Is there a bug? Is RandomStream not working? The problem only occurs on Android.
In the Editor everything works as intended.

I’ve packaged my game for Windows (64-bit) to see if the same problem occurs. And indeed, the same problem occurs.

It seems like the RandomStream/Seed does not work once the game is packaged.

Answer hub topic: RandomStream not working on Android? - UE4 AnswerHub

Anyone having a clue? Or a direction to look into?

Stuff I might try?

I was not able to reproduce this issue. I posted a follow-up on Answer-hub, try keep information on there. Its easier to keep track bugs and google does a better job indexing answer hub for future people searching the topic :).