Level/World streaming Saving! Is there a way to do it?

I’m a total noob when it comes to UE4 and Unity. But I can’t find the strength in me to make anything before I know if my goals are feasible. I mean I have spend the last 5 days trying to find a way to do this. And 18h of Internet searching I’m destroyed. :< Like I find myself better off trying to make short movies then games right now due to this issue I have with UE4.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to do a Skyrim or huge RPG of any kind. My goals are strictly about making sure I don’t end up where I can’t do what I like with my “game” about cars.

Unreal 4 so far is easy to understand and from outside it looks like a 10/10 tool to make some epic hobby games. But what the hell is up with level streaming? It looks like it’s 100% not ment to be anything but a FPS shooter. It’s a huge waste due to how nice of a engine it is!

The level streaming / world composition docs you have to go on is only stroking the surface of how to make a game with it. It’s easy to set up a streaming world and add stuff in the levels. A bit of google magic and you may even import a world from world machine! Edit it and add some accets you got one big world to do stuff in! You end up with a map of sizes way bigger then world origin can handle. How grate? But the catch I can’t find a way to get around for the kind of games I’m intrested in. This is ruining the hole engine for me. World Streaming and persistent level… URrrg What is the point of a big open world if you maby can save the state of a door or light at best? (something that’s stuck to the level and can’t be moved to a neighbour level without being unloaded.)

Dose it sound unclear what I’m talking about? Yea it dose. Watch this video first and I explain what I’m stuck at.
Using level streaming for making a companion like game as a example: The player have to have the comapnion in the white room to continue. The companion cube is in the blue room. The companion cube is never going to move exept if the player made it change location. The game designer goal is that if the player move the cube in the blue room and go out it unloads with the blue room. And going back in the cube is where the player left it. I most likely can make this part happen.

Now the tricky hard part. This cube is moved to the green room and somehow it changes un notable to the player to be a part of the green room. The cube and green room can now unloads and reloads as it did in the blue room with the blue room empty. Reason for this being useful is that a companion cube 90km away in a outher level is unloaded but saved for the player to go to. He left it there and don’t expect it not being there. I find that to be the true reason someone like to level stream landsacape in the first place. Or what is going on here? Is the deman of open world games not enuf for peoples to care about stuff like this? There is no built in way to migrate betwean levels making everything hard as nails. We can’t use persistent level if it’s going to hold locations spreading way off world origin. And having world origin shifting is not going to solve that.

Note: Ofc to move the cube accross 2 level bouth needs to be loaded. That’s easy to handle. But the main ide stays the same. Have a car or companion cube change streaming level. But how can you make this happen? My only theory of making it work involve huge amount of testing and sounds super inefficient / broken. What can one do? Quit? It looks to me like unreal can’t handle interactive worlds bigger then a single level.

Dose no one like to make a open world game where you can come back to a place and find it lookling like you left it? It’s sad that I need to ask about this things. Everyone shoud whant to make a real open world you know.