Level Transtion: Standard level streaming vs Fable style transitions

So I have an odd question that I’m thinking about from a design and the an implementation point of view. I’m thinking about how to transition from one map to another and I’m trying to decide between standard level streaming and then a system similar to fables with separate levels with a loading screen (though hopefully the loading wouldn’t be as obnoxiously frequent and time consuming).

I was leaning towards a fable style for reasons I hadn’t really thought about other than I would not have to worry about persistant levels, could just link together the levels. But then I was wondering how to get the entrances to the levels to match up to the exits from the corresponding levels. Either way I that has given me plenty to think about so while I did that I thought I might ask what your opinions on the two systems would be and how best to implement them?

Many thanks.

It depends on how much time you want to spend into the level + how big it will be ^^

loading screen + separate level -> it’s easier because you dont have to fit together all the level parts
-make sure to add a “special” loading screen -> something entertaining

level streaming → in my opinion it gives a better feeling to the player → “open world” feeling (I personally like such games :))
-everything has to fit together perfectly
-hide seams with rocks, plants,…
-plan your level very carefully → the player shouldnt realise that something disappears behind him

Regarding to the connection between the landscape parts I personally would create one big heightmap in world machine/terresculptor/… and then split it into parts. Now you can easily rebuild the entire landscape in the UE4 world composition tool :wink: