Level Transitions in a Single Player Campaign

I’m trying to do the classic formula of what you’d see in games like DooM, Quake, etc…

You have a single player campaign of various levels and as you beat a level, your character travels to the next level with all their stats and inventory intact.

I’m looking at Seamless Travel right now, and am trying to figure out the best way to code this up.

At the moment, I’m just having my PlayerController GetSeamlessTravelActorList add the character to the list. However, in the next level, a new character is spawned. I see my character from the last level standing there in the same spot that it was before.
What I really want is to take that character from the previous level, and just teleport it to one of the spawn locations on the new level.

I can probably modify a bunch of code in GameMode to do the correct thing, but I’m wondering if there’s a more elegant solution already. I need to figure out why it decides to spawn a new Character instead of reusing the one from the previous level.