Level to UMG Blueprint Problem ?!

Hey there :slight_smile: ,

i got a problem with my UMG menu.

At the beginning of my Game i want to show a Scene with an Blinking UMG Text ( Press Space )
If the Space key is pressed a Matinee is playing and the blinking Space Text should Fade out.
I got no Problem with the Communication beetween the Level and the UMG Blueprint.

The Key Space is given in the Level BP and goes to the UMG.

To check the Communication i insert a print Node which is going to show “Sucess”.

But the problem is Sucess in the UMG BP is showing up at the start of the Game but the Fadeout animation of ( Press Space ) is not playing ?!
So where is the Problem here ?

Hope u guys got a answer for me :slight_smile:


You see each player has its own copy of UMG hud. You just cannot to call umg hud and be happy.
You need player controller or player pawn as middle man.

Best solution to your problem is making Event Dispatcher, lets call it “DISPATCHER_SpaceBarPressed”

Then in level blueprint you get player controller > cast to your_player_controller > as player controller assign to “DISPATCHER_SpaceBarPressed”
Same in UMG, you cast to owning player controller, then cast to it and assign dispatcher.

Now in player controller you call that dispatcher whatever space is pressed.

Ps. I watch your pics close, and will post if i see some errors. But above method is correct one for communicating such stuff. Well almost because level assumes player 0 as active player, which will not work in multiplayer.

And I am not sure you are trying to create that widget dynamically, there are 3d widgets that you can place in 3d space, but yours does not look like one. HUD and widgets can be of 2 categories: ones in 3d space just like any actor, and ones placed in player HUD.
Depends how you want it to behave either make it 3d hud in world space (make blueprint with it as component, place that blueprint in level), or create proper hud and assign it to player, then hide/show this hud widget.