Level suddenly wont play

So I have a project where my main 1st level won’t run anymore for no apparent reason. its on 4.12 and i cant test on 4.13 because im using the umgplugin and it fails to load anything at all since its not compatible with 4.13, basically I press play and the mouse will lock to the viewport but nothing will happen, its like a softlock, after about 20-30 seconds it will quit and i can regain control of the editor it’s self. Anyone have any ideas on why this would happen randomly for no apparent reason?

Edit found this in the log, deleted the mesh but doesnt seem to have fixed anything?

[2016.08.21-14.15.52:477][373]LogScript:Warning: Runaway loop detected (over 1,000,000 iterations) - see log for stack trace
EnemyTestBP_C /Game/CrocGameBP/Maps/UEDPIE_0_CrocLevel1.CrocLevel1:PersistentLevel.EnemyTestBP2_284
Function /Game/CrocGameBP/Enemys/EnemyTestBP.EnemyTestBP_C:ExecuteUbergraph_EnemyTestBP:000F

Edit 2, found the issue false alarm was an issue with a branch and me creating an endless loop with how it works.