Level Suddenly Takes Long Time To Save/Load

For no apparent reason my level suddenly takes FOREVER to load and save.

It has a landscape, some AI characters, some pawns and a bunch of static mesh props. These were all there before this issue.

Work on my game has come to a complete standstill. I cannot now save my level at all. It freezes at 45%.

I have a high spec system (i7 5960X), loads of RAM (32GB 3000) and lots of free disc space (3.2TB). My level was perfectly fine to save - and then it suddenly wasn’t. Everything else saves fine.

I tried duplicating the level and systematically deleted objects to see if any one thing is the cause. The issue persisted.

I then, out of sheer frustration, deleted ALL the objects in the scene and still the level takes 10+ mins to save (Stuck on 45% for a long time).

Reopening the EMPTY level the issues persists (!?!?!?!). The emptied level is 126mb on disc. A new level saves very quicky and is 913KB on disc.

Why on earth does this happen?

How does a level get corrupted like this?

Can someone from Epic please respond?

EDIT: Using version 4.12.5, blueprints only project based on a blank template (Originally created in 4.11 but successfully migrated to 4.12)

EDIT: Latest level save (15 mins) has rocketed up to 323mb (from 236mb) on drive with no additional content. This is a joke.

Did you try deleting the Derived Data Cache, Intermediate and Saved folders?
Maybe there are some dirty temporary files that cause the problem.

126mb-236 mb for a save level??? I thought the save levels to save the whole map is used for when editing a map. Are you trying to save
the whole level?

Have you used a EQSTestingPawn in your level?

When I play around with EQS and have dropped an EQSTestingPawn in my level, usually after a couple saves the level will suddenly become huge and take forever to save. This has been happening for several versions of the engine, but I never bothered reporting it, so if that’s also what’s happening to you then it might be worth entering a bug for it.

I don’t remember if removing the EQSTestingPawn from the level solves the issue (I think it doesn’t). This usually happened to me in test levels so I usually just started a new one =/.

Hi, I have the same issues, since I am working with EQS saving of even basic levels takes unusually long time. But I couldn’t figure out yet, which part of EQS causes this…

EDIT: I Am using 4.13.1