Level streaming stops taking inputs from presistan level

hii!!! i made level load streaming via blueprint but problem is when my stream level load it stops taking inputs from my presistant level nw in my level BP its still taking events like on being overlap and my static mesh outline is glowing but it is not taking inputs like when i press E it wont do anything and prob is i have mutual door for both levels and nw that door wont open when that other level loads is there anyway around this

Hey huxi,

Can you describe your setup with some more detail? What are you doing in the Level Blueprint specifically? Does the input refer to something that isn’t in a currently loaded level? Can you post some screenshots of the relevant Event Graphs? You mention the door being in two levels… is there a reason you need it in more than one?

ok let me explain what i want to achive…actuly in my persistant level i came across a room lets say its an open lounge type area outside that door, so when i enter that door and i switch on lights so by switching on i load a level via load stream level so nw when i open that door again the area outside has been changed nw like a horror game, so nw that is what the prob is as soon as my level loads that door stops working it dosent open…im pic 1 u can see my bp of how im loading and unloading that stream level (plus that unloading also dont work ■■■ as soon as level load this event also stops working)…and pic 2 is about my door bp

in image 1 u can see my bp of how im loading and unloading that stream level plus that unloading also dont work ■■■ as soon as level load this event also stops working…and img 2 is about my door bp!

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plz can anybody help me on this im stuck cause of this

Which level is your door in? I created a very simple level to test this. If I only have one door and it is in the persistent level, any inputs referring to it in the level blueprint or the door blueprint itself work as expected whether another level is loaded or not.

mine is also in persistent level idk why but for me its not working, i try opening door with collision and thats working fine only prob is with inputs, is it may b im using 4.3 version

I just tested in 4.3 and still did not encounter this problem. Would you feel comfortable zipping your project or a smaller test project that has the same problem, and posting it somewhere so I can see what might be going on?

well i will then first test it on new proj to see if it works fine there or not if it does then there will b some prob with my level i might make it again…anyway thnx for ur help i really appreciate it atleast nw i know that it can be done its not the engine prob

Please let us know whether you run into the issue in a new project. If so, please zip up the new project so I can take a look.

If not, then I can spend a little time trying to troubleshoot your current project to see what’s causing the issue for you, if you’d like.

ok i have tested in new project and its still have the same prob…in this level i did like i put a point light and toggle visibility by pressing E button then put a trigger which will stream other level and there is one more light in that level and nw by pressing E only 2nd level light toggle not the one in persistant level

here is the link for my both levels map

Hey huxi,

Those map files won’t help me diagnose the issue without the project. If you were able to set this up in a new project, could you zip that entire project folder and upload that somewhere? Also: the site you used for the map files tried to install some nasty stuff on my PC. Could you use something like Dropbox, which is also free? Thanks!

actually those map files were from starter content so i guess u wont need the whole project file just make a new project with starter content of third person BP and paste those map files will do the trick and okk i will now try drop box, so tell me should i send again only map files or whole proj cause whole proj is 500+mb so it will take a lot of tym to upload considering my upload speed 80kb/s

In that case this should be fine, don’t worry about uploading the whole project. I’ll let you know what I see. Thanks!

Hey huxi,

I see what’s happening now. You’re using the same input in two different Level Blueprints to perform two different actions, and one is overriding the other. When you load the second level, pressing E to turn on the light is going through the new level’s Level Blueprint first, then the Persistent level’s Level Blueprint. The problem is that your E input node in both Level Blueprints is set to consume input, meaning that nothing with lower priority will receive that input.

Select the E Input node and disable Consume Input in the Details panel. If you do this for just in the Level BP for the level to be streamed, you’ll see both lights turn on when pressing E. Depending on how you’re loading and unloading your levels, you may want to disable Consume Input for both.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any trouble setting this up with your door situation.

yaa thnx it works now with my door system