Level Streaming doesn't work with different Game Mode?

Hi everyone,

I seem to have an issue with streaming a level that has unique game mode with player controller and pawn while level streaming multiple levels.
What I have is:

  • 2 levels at the beginning(one for UE4 logo and another intermediary one which on Space bar press opens the Main Menu)
  • one level which is Main menu that has a specific Game mode with player controller and pawn that handles character selection, camera movement in menu and so on, basically all the controls for the main menu.

I managed to stream all the levels including the main menu but it doesn’t seem to switch to the Game mode for the main menu, it just takes the one from Map and Modes, which is the default one.
I also managed to stream all the levels and actually having the Main menu pawn be in the right position by spawning it through Main menu level blueprint and possessing it with the default player controller, but that is not what I want since I don’t have the logic in the default player controller, it is in the one for the Main menu and I want to keep everything separate and clean.

Does anyone know if we can have level streaming with changing Game Mode? Or another workaround?

I want to mention that if I use Open level instead of Load Stream Level, everything works fine, I have the new Game Mode in place and acting as it should be.

Thanks in advance