Level migration - Levels have impossible refenreces?


I have a rather big project with lots of levels.
When trying to migrate a level to a blank project, many other - unnecessary levels come along, with all their assets, which obviously increases the new project size and is not what I need.

Looking in the reference viewer, some of my levels are referenced by other levels, which doesn’t make much sense to me. All levels had sub-levels at some point but those were deleted and now I have only Persistent level in the levels tab.

What else could cause this issue? I just want to migrate that level alone and not have almost the entire project come along.


If you’re sure you’ve deleted / unlinked all the sub-levels, check if you’ve run Fix-Up-Redirectors across the entire project… What does the Reference Viewer actually show by the way… Does it show direct links / ties between levels? If so, maybe there are common actors / objects used across multiple levels, meaning the levels get picked up as well in the migration (by accident). If nothing is found, maybe EV / Interface calls inside Level Blueprints are a factor… I doubt it, as they’re soft references, but its worth checking.

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

I tried selecting all folders in the content browser and Fixing up Redirectors, it did take a few minutes to complete but didn’t fix my issue.
Here’s an image of level “D” reference viewer. It shows it is soft referenced by F0,P1, P2, PH. Which isn’t true anymore, mayhbe at some point they were sub-levels of D, but not now.
This means that if I migrate level D - all these other levels come along.

Interesting… Clone the project first… Then delete all the code and groups of actors from Level ‘D’ until you find out what’s linking these maps. However, my gut feeling is this. If these maps were ever linked before, as sub-Levels / WC / level-streaming or whatever, they might still be linked somehow, and that’s the problem. You’ll have to hunt through the Forums / AnswerHub to find out how to reverse this or find where that info is stored… Is it a simple INI setting???

I suspect Datasmith is the reason behind all this.
No idea though.