Level has a different tint to it when launching on the Quest vs the S/Rift

I have an app that I am making for the Quest. However, before I got my Quest I was developing with the Rift. I now have both the S and Quest, however, the level lighting seems to be totally different. The Quest seems to have a yellow tint to it, almost like it has a blue light filtering on it. Whereas the S and Rift have brighter and bluer tints to them. Has anyone else ran into this issue before? I would like the Quest version to look more like the Rift or S. Is this a bug in UE4 or some setting that I need to change somewhere? Or is this a more of a Oculus related question? Any help would be appreciated.

I have run into an issue similar to what you’re describing in the Oculus Source 4.22 build. I’m building for Quest from UE4 and everything looks and sounds fine in editor, but whenever I deploy to device it seems like my whole scene (a media player) has been brightened and has lowered contrast when compared to what I see Playing in Editor, also my audio is higher pitched on device than I hear in editor. I have mobile HDR off, but IDK what else may not be set correctly that causing the visual issue.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t think that it is a settings problem with UE4 but, I believe it is just how the different OS’s handle the graphics possibly since the Quest is run on an Android device whereas the others are run using Windows.