Level extent Sizes are different

If you see in the 3 screen shots from the World Composition they show that there are 3 different level extent sizes for the levels. Most levels in the game have the 50,800 x 50,800 size however a few have weird sizes as per the screen shots. I thought these may have been caused by adding meshes to level where the current level wasn’t set to the level I was expecting to work on. I checked my levels and have cleaned up instances of this but I have 2 questions:

  1. would this have been the reason why the extent sizes vary on some of the levels?
  2. after cutting and pasting the meshes back into the correct levels how can I update the extent sizes?

The reason I think this is an issue is some of the levels extent crosses many other levels. Which I think is causing the levels with large extents to impact the distance streaming i.e. they are getting loaded even though they are a long way away and should not be loaded based on the distance stream.


Not sure on reasons and what not, but can’t you just change the size of the landscape tile out of the other level panel tile options?

same issue - did you find solution?