Level environment set up fine but now entire scene lightens/ darkens depending on camera position

For some reason, I was in the midst of editing a very simple scene with that had been set up as a night time scene and was working fine. I was trying to edit some static meshes and was adding a post process volume to deal with some lighting and then things went strange. The scene all of a sudden lightened and then I was going down a rabbit hole of fixing it. I finally got the scene right again but now the lighting changes depending on which way you move/ look. I already checked the first person camera auto exposure (which was not on) and turned it on and set min/ max to ,03. I checked for auto exposure in the post process volume and there was none enabled. I am not sure what to do to remedy this.

EDIT: So interestingly enough, when the emissive material is off, it appears the environment is fine, when the emissive material is on, things go dark when you come up close to them.


I think I solved this problem. The thing about UE4 is there are settings EVERYWHERE. I went into the main Project Settings and low and behold, I was able to find under the Default Settings a place to untick Auto Exposure. Things are back to looking half decent again.