Level design using static meshes rather than landscapes.

So I’ve been struggling a lot to get the look I’m going for with the landscape tool in UE4 but can (very) easily achieve it by using pre-made static meshes. So far the tiles I’ve been playing with have been averaging at less than 24 tris each with dimensions of 5m x 5m x 5m. The game is top down perspective, low poly, and is intended for PC. I wouldn’t expect there to ever be more than 20 of these tiles on screen at any time.

Would this be efficient? I’m estimating there will be a total of around 60 different landscape tiles available to me.

I know this wouldn’t allow for the dynamic tessellation on the landscape but don’t think i would really be using that anyway as the camera position and angle is intended to be fixed.

This would also make making the levels procedural a hell of a lot simpler for me. (something which i would like to implement later on).

Any input appreciated,

To give an idea of what i am aiming for this is an old model which I’d be basing it of, i would be remaking them to make them more poly efficient.

Just thought i would post the results, Really appreciate the help.

Textures are place holders taken from the kite demo, just base colour on these, no displacement/tessellation or normals.

Still needs work but im happy with the results.