Level Design: Preferred tool for layered overhead map design?

I’ve read that some people like Visio as a map design tool. I’ve worked with that a bit in the past more for architectural type work, but will check it out for game design too.

My first inclination was to just use Photoshop, but it seems like overkill for the simplicity of the map graphics I need.

I worked at a company a while back that created layered .pdf files. These were great. They were quick to view, you could easily hide or show different layers, and they held up well to printing. I thought that maybe they had used Acrobat to create them, but I just looked at Acrobat DC, and don’t see much in the way of basic drawing tools.

So what I’m looking for is a program that allows simple graphics to be created, line types for player paths, simple markers for enemy spawns, things like that. And it has to support layers that can be turned on and off by anyone viewing the document.

Thanks for any suggestions!