Level Design/Environmental Design College Questions.

So i’ve been using UE4 for over a year, i love it. I really want to learn more about it, i want to create realistic and ‘feel alive’ worlds, i want to make something beautiful. I am thinking of going to Full sail university but im not sure, i dont want to be in debt for the rest of my life (Lol). I want to learn UE4 a lot more, and i mean it. Yeah there are great tutorials out there but i feel like most of them are not really what im looking for. Like in my artstation i feel like the worlds i created are kind of plain, and uneasy to the eye. I want to be able to make the ground look ground without having to manually place everything. example at 2:46 you can see how the ground is wet and everything blends together. I want to be able to make that and a lot more, i want my world to not feel as empty. So this is the reason i’ve been looking into schools and what not. I want to become an expert in level design/Environmental design. And i completely understand that it TAKES a long time to master these set of skills, but i want to learn and developed a lot more on the UE4.