Level creation issues

hey there iv been working on my demo reel by myself for 6 years. and i make it than scrap it remake it scrap it again and again but now i believe im at a point were im close to the final permanent version the issue now is the land.
i SUCK at making lands i was just never taught same thing with unwrapping objects i want taught very well on that so the placement of my environment needs to be in a grassy tundra so what should i do?
is there tutorials that will teach me well enough to do it on my own or should i ask for help?

im not sure i put this in the right place

Yes there are tutorials on how to make environments.
First know what you want it to look like. You can go on google images to get some ideas.
Second, know what you will need to create that, grass? Trees? Rocks?
Third, I would use assets and textures people already made. (Pretty obvious for me since I’m not good at creating it myself)

“…so what should i do?” After watching some tutorials, I would just try some landscapes and see what looks best.

Hope I helped you with this :slight_smile:

Hi Ave Sinistra,

There are a wealth of tutorials for creating landscapes in UE on YouTube. I would recommend doing some searches for things like ‘UE4 landscape tutorial’, ‘UE landscape material tutorial’, etc then browse the results. Each person who does a tutorial has a different style so try a few to find one that’s as comprehensive as you need. For demo reel quality the best landscape results are going to come from generating a heigthmap from an external application such as World Machine or Terragen then importing that height map into UE when creating the landscape. This will give you much higher detail than you will create directly with the landscape tool and save time as well. There are several tutorials on YouTube covering the process as well.

Hope this helps!