Level Creation from pre-existing content

First off I want to say Hi to everyone on the forums. I’ve been a long time lurker on the forums and the only thing holding me back has been the fact that my pc is sub par. Anyway, me and my bro are HUGE Final Fantasy fans and a few days ago he asked me a simple question: “If you could pick any 5 chars from the final fantasy series, not just the MC but the various party members as well, and boss rush the final bosses from each game which ones would you choose?”. So this got me thinking and I figured that if I was going to have anything as my first project then this would be a challenging but interesting idea to start with.

So my first question…how do I take the pre-existing 2D level maps (starting with the Chaos Shrine) and turn them into 3D maps?

I’ll eventually make a WIP thread when I get more acclimated to the editor but for now one thing at a time.

The first thing I have to say is this will take multiple programs to accomplish. You can take an make black and white copy’s of the map and use it like a normal map and tada you got the 3d version of the 2d image. Its just like taking height map info and inputting it into unreal engine. You can also create the image in Photoshop/Gimp. Then use that image in Maya/Blender as a reference image to help model in the important stuff. Once all content is created outside the game engine then you can start to bring everything into the game engine throught the content editor. Then you can start to dress your levels with static meshes of landscape and buildings and any other inanimate object you may need. Tables, chairs, walls, floors, etc… Etc… Once you have everything into unreal engine then its just putting it all together. Creating a persistent level and then putting the entire game together in sequence in that one persistent level. Of course this will include all.animations and cutsceens and loading screens and just to keep it short lets just say all assets arranged correctly in a working pipeline that the game starts and finishes just like a movie script! And just so you know I am all self taught and that’s just how i would do it. There are many ways and different workarounds for anything you just have to be creative enough to figure it out. Even if it means failing a few times to get it. I hope this helped you out a little and maybe even educated you alitte. If not I apologize. Thank you for your time. Good day!