level 2 not loading

i made a small 3 level game with a main menu (4 level) and when i launch the game, when the player pass level 1 the screen become black.
using “play from viewport” works fine the problem happen when i launch the game.
any ideas why?

“launch the game” means playing the game from a package version (.exe) or just playing in editor from the menu?

In case of packaged game:

  • your level might not be marked to package if you have specified which maps to package (make sure to not specify any maps to package them all or to properly specify the maps you want to package)
  • one or several of the assets in your level are not packaged / corrupted in packaged version and prevent you from loading the map

In case of play in editor:

  • your level might not be in the proper folder (Maps or Map is the right folder, don’t remember which one, you can check this out on internet)
  • you might have misspelled your level name when trying to open it
  • the level is corrupted in any shape, try opening up a blank level 2

In any case, if you open your Output log (Windows -> Developer -> Output log) after trying to open it, it is likely that you’ll have a warning telling you why it did not manage to open up the level.

I honestly think it’s a simple naming / folder issue.

after some twiks the game after exporting will load the main menu when the player clear level 1. i cant find a map that got specified to package.