Let's talk texture sizes: LOD's and proper sizes

So, after purchasing multiple asset packs from the marketplace, I figure we should have a discussion on the resolutions needed for realistic rendering in VR.

Needless to say, everything needs LOD’d so that our users’ systems don’t catch on fire. For that, I’d like to list the texture size, distance, and how good it looks. This is not a thread about different mapping (tessellation, displacement), but rather on just the texture.

I am thinking of creating a small project with the different texture sizes, with a display over top of each surface to inform the developer the texture resolution and the distance to the “target”. Each “Target” would be the same target, same texture… but different texture sizes. This way people can judge for themselves on what resolution they should target for their game.

If anyone would like to donate anything to the project, such as a texture, asset, or code, please do! I would like to spend no more than 2 hours on the project personally, so if I could crowdsource things, I most definitely will :wink: