Lets just be honest.....

Hello gamers who decided to pursue game developing,

After spending many hours reading through the forums and seeing these potential projects, comments, marketplace and links I was shocked at what I was seeing. I know many of you are looking to pursue the industry, and a few of you may be developing some really great projects, buts lets be honest 99% of these projects don’t even see the light of day. Game design is such a difficult project to accomplish that most projects don’t even make it past the recruitment phase. I know you may have the next best thing, or perhaps you have a good team of people, but do you have the business plan, business map, marketing plan, financing plan, or distribution plan…I would assume not. If game design was easy, everyone would do it, but let’s be honest its almost near impossible to produce a successful game.

Many of you come on here looking for work or to sell your products right? Well if you come here looking for a high paying job then you are sadly mistaking yourself. No one on here is going to have a a 20 million dollar budget to produce a successful game. If they did why the f#$k would they be hiring through forums? It may not sound as happy ending as you may be hoping, but to those of you coming here and pretending to be the most experienced developer here asking for an astronomical pay, why are you looking for work on forums? You should be out in the real world applying to major game production companies, cause that’s where your salary comes in, and that’s where you will truly see how good you are, cause if you are as good as you say you are, why aren’t you working for them? So if your looking for paid work, don’t be crazy and ask for a professionals salary, because you arent a professional. Or else you would be working for a major company. If your looking to gain experience work for free, even if it may suck to work for free after the amount of time you spent learning thats your only hope of making it anywhere. DONT TRY TO BE BIGGER THAN YOU ACTUALLY ARE!

Now if your looking to recruit, lets not get too carried away… You are probably sitting at a computer or laptop in your house, not in your game production office. So with that being said I would recommend you recruit like a normal person rather than a studio would recruit. Specially if it’s unpaid, you should be willing to take whoever post interest and not be picky! This is a forum, not criagslist or indeed. You arent hiring for a permanent salary job, so you don’t have much say in who you choose. Cause if you truly wanted to accomplish your project you would be taking anyone.

This is my favorite link I think I saw someone give as a response …

Ummmm this response was one of the cheapest most idiotic responses I’ve seen. Why the hell would you post a link to that? It’s links like that, which prove that a majority of the people on here don’t truly understand the indie world and the professional world. NO game on here is going to have a budget higher than 1 million dollars, so why waste your time to look like a fool? 99% of all projects on this forum are independent or indie games, so suck it up and stop making it sound like this is a professional recruitment forum, there’s no such thing.

This industry is a cut throat industry and many of you have a simple black and white vision, no matter what you say you can do it’s not enough to be successful. These forums are here to help give experience and meet new developers interested in joining the industry, so suck it up and face the fact that your just 1 of millions of people with the same passion. If you come on here cocky and conceited you will never make it, cause who want’s to work with a guy who thinks he “the ****”. Don’t kid yourself bud, we are all here for the same thing and your no different than the next fool who comes on here with impossible goals.

Many of you may not like to hear the truth, but lets be honest, the truth will set you free and as soon as you realize that the better off you’ll e and the odds of you being success will be much higher than you cocky developers.

Personal Experience: Worked for EA Games, IGN Network as a writer, Blizzard [Diablo,WOW], Bethesda Studios [Oblivion, Skyrim], Hiring Director for Atari, HR manager for Naughtydog

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