Let us download Plugins for uninstalled engine versions!

This is infuriating when working from a source build. To get the plugins we need, we have to install a binary version of the engine, download the plugin, grab it from the engine plugin folder then immediatelly uninstall the engine again.

This also makes updating plugins in your source builds a nightmare. Downloading the engine is not a short-time job. I understand why this is done for the average user, but for those of us working with source builds this becomes a real pain. We need to be able to download marketplace content, for any engine version, to any arbitrary folder on our machines.

+1… Long overdue request

It would help with airgapped PC’s and for distributing plugins to multiple machines. Its similar to the ‘Project Version-check’ when downloading marketplace packs. But you can get around that by temporarily renaming whichever folder you pick. That way the download gets placed in its own unique folder…

No luck trying that with plugins though…:frowning: