Let Unreal and Matlab communicate

Hi all,

I hope this is the right place to post my question.
At the moment, I’m working on a project to visualize the data from a numeric simulation.
To be more precise: I simulate the behaviour of a system in Matlab and Simulink.
Now I’d like to visualize these data with a nice grafical model in unreal.
Since I don’t have much knowledge in working with unreal, I’d love to get some information from you guys:

-what are the main steps to transfer data beetween these softwares
-are there any tutorials, youtube videos or documentations that could help me
-do you know something about similar project and how the work was done there?

I would be really, really thankful for all hints/links/documents/…


If you have the results of your simulation as a numeric/feature table and just want to import them in UE4, I would look into Data Tables: Data Driven Gameplay Elements | Unreal Engine Documentation

If you want to create a more interactive workflow, then you should look into extending UE4 through a custom plugin: Plugins | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you so much for your help vr_marco.
I will check out these links if it works for me!

Or you can write your custom file reader, I import data this way to data assets, quite flexible. It was a long time ago when I used Matlab for my thesis, so unfortunazely don’t remember for file formats, probalby it changed anyway.

thank you for your answer sivan!
At the moment I’m working on moving objects according to data from a datatable, which is imported from a .csv file that is written from Matlab.
So reading Data is not a problem anymore.
I think working on a live-connection should be the next step, at the moment I’m not shure how to do this…

Hello jkl_klein

Hope you had success with the Unreal Engine communication with MATLAB.
Could you please share the procedure you followed. As I’m starting with UE newly now.

@jkl_klein have you succeeded in sending live data to unreal engine from Matlab Simulink? I am also working on something where I need to send data from Simulink to unreal engine but I don’t know how to do that at the momemt. Any help is appreciated.

@chouhansolo and @jkl_klein any news please? i am working very close to yours. mine is running an .exe (matlab program) in ue4. i have both the matlab and ue4 project packages ready but i want to integrate into one. calling and running one on the other.