Lerp Camera On Possess

Is there a way that you can lerp between cameras when you possess another pawn? If so, can you provide some support and direction please?


yes. before unpossessing your old pawn, grab your player controller, and use a ‘setViewTargetWithBlend’ node. then after that node, use a delay. drag the delay time float pin out and promote to variable. set that variable to whatever time. plug that variable into your viewTargetWithBlend time float input pin. when the delay completes, unpossess your old pawn and possess your new pawn. because you’re using a delay in this case, you’ll have to do this action in a main blueprint instead of a function.

Interesting. I will give this a shot later today and get back to you. I thought the view with blend only worked on cameras which were attached to same object. Thanks

Because a delay is being used (and hence the passage of time), you’ll need to handle input enable/disable as well and any other game events that you may want to pause or slow down during the transition.

Awesome! Worked like a charm! Thank you so much for the assistance, it’s greatly appreciated!