Lenovo GPU causing laptop to BSOD

Lenovo y40-80
intel i7-5500 CPU
R9 m275 GPU

My laptop keeps BSOD with multiple errors, including, but not limited to, video memory management error, irql not less or equal.

After a lot of diagnosing the laptop, I think that it’s my GPU.
Things I tried:
GPU with no AMD software = laptop works
No GPU (UMA graphics only) and AMD software = laptop works
GPU and AMD software = laptop BSOD

I think I have to repaste my GPU and CPU, but I don’t want to buy paste and find out it’s not the cause.
I heard I had to do a reflow as well.

I work in IT helpdesk so I’m not new to PCs but I haven’t had to do reflows or paste.

From the issue I discussed, can anyone let me know if reflow and paste is the way to go?

Thank you

That sounds like it might be trying to use both the Intel GPU and the AMD GPU, I would force it to use the AMD GPU for everything. I have a laptop with an Nvidia GPU and it doesn’t work properly trying to use both.

I’ll try that.
I don’t know how that’s done though.

I tried that and the GPU still blue screens my laptop with a Video memory management internal error.

Anyone has any idea on how to fix this thing?
It looks like issue is with AMD drivers. They don’t play well with my card (R9 m275)for some reason.

I even repasted my GPU and CPU. They seem to work fine, except I still cannot run anything off the GPU without it dying on me.
I noticed that the GPU says m275, but changes after I install the AMD Relive Drivers to 275x.