Legally stream map design?

Hello everyone, I was hoping to get an opinion from the more experienced members of this community if I could. I am a fourth year student studying for my bachelors in game design, I am also a very frequent live streamer on While I have never touched Unreal Engine 4, I spent years mapping on Source and also took a class on Unreal Engine 3 in the past and had a lot of fun playing with both sets of tools.

I have been thinking over the past couple of days how much fun it might be to map for fun on my livestream. To be clear, I’m not implicating that I want to start designing a full game that I plan to release as a finished project and stream it along the way. I just want to make a map here or there and see of my viewers are interested in giving it a watch (as I am sure they would). This may very well be a stupid question, but does anyone know if streaming something like that is against any kind of rules or laws?

I have a very slim understanding on how UE4 is going to work, so if this is clearly stated somewhere I apologize for this thread.

Hope not, as I’ve been streaming both modelling and workflow in UE4 for a month or so now.

I think it shouldnt cause any problems, because you are even allowed to earn revenues from you youtube videos:

Can I create Unreal Engine 4 videos and use them to generate YouTube ad revenue?
Sure. You can earn advertising revenue from Unreal Engine 4 videos that you lawfully create and publish to YouTube.”

Have at it and have fun!

Beautiful! Thank you all for your replies - I very much appreciate it.