Legality of Non-Profit Distribution?


I, along with 6 of my friends, are working on a Pokémon Fan-game with no profit (i.e. we will not earn anything).

My question is, if we make our game using Blender and the free Unreal Engine, can I distribute the game, again, without profit.

If we don’t make profit, we will not have to pay the 5% right?

According to the agreement, I understand that I can distribute only the .exe file but I cannot distribute the actual fragmented file, which others can open in Unreal and access the code.

Though, the agreement is quite ambiguous so I just wanted to make sure.

Will I be able to distribute the .exe of our Pokémon Fan-Game if we are earning no profit whatsoever?


Correct, you only owe royalties on your revenue, so if you do not make any revenue, you will not owe any royalties.