Learning the Process - Looking for Bird's Eye View

I am an avid PC gamer, I have been my entire life. I do not have much experience programming with UE4, but I’m interested in starting a small development team to develop a zombie type game. I will fund it myself and plan on spending quite a bit of money. I’ll be honest though, I’m not quite sure where to begin with the resources that will be required. I obviously want to use the UE4 engine because of it’s efficiency, ease of use. But I am trying to figure out what positions I will need to complete the project. I know I will obviously need at least one mapper, one 3D modeler/animator, one C++ programmer/AI programmer. Outside of that, I’m not sure. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could talk on Steam/Skype, etc… and talk the whole game development process over with me generally and give me their thoughts. Thanks in advance!

Contact Info: EvilFurby (Steam),