Learning blueprints ledgegrab system need help

Hi Im trying to set up my own version of ledge grab/climb. I want to use an actor to determine when a ledge exist and not for easy leveldesign later on with visual representation of cover, vaulting and ledgeclimbing.

this is my bp so far.
I am having some troubles with getting the character to attach himself to the actor not sure why…

Would be really greatfull if i could get some pointers


This thread is long, but may offer some insight for you:

Thanks Jared I have been looking at this thread for a while but i havent been able to come up with why i would do a line trace for an objects position thats already known at least in the way im setting it up.
Couldnt find anything about how to make the character stay in the move to position, he just keeps falling down as if gravity takes highest priority.

Set him in fly mode and move component to and stop movement

Also i only started this morning with ledge grabbing system for my game. Cant afford to buy an already built system. Im finding it a bit difficult to comprehend at the moment. So take my advise with a grain of salt

Thanks Crocopede the stop movement doesn’t seem to be working if i want him to be able to move after grabbing a ledge.

I came up with a solution… not sure if its the best one

He will now attach to the ledge and is able to move only sideways on the ledge (the camera input is not working the way i want it to right now)


Hello Everyone Small update on the ledge climb blueprint

So I have managed to get the character to jump to and hold onto the ledge, he is also able to climb along the ledge where he is locked to the ledges Rotation.
I have stumbled into a small issue. I have i set up so that he can only attach himself to specific actors (ledgecollision). The end overlap creates an issue when two ledges are placed next to each other as the bp will detect an end overlap and drop the character to the ground. Is there a way of making the bp check for if there is an other ledgecollision within the character collision range?.



Sooo I figured out part of the issue with the character falling of the ledge when in between two ledges the solve was to move the blueprint over to the ledge instead of the character.

Im getting some new problem now when i moved the blueprint to the ledge

The character wont move along the ledge exept when its in Y so the thumbstick movement seems not to be updating.

Another odd issue is that the character floats down slightly before he stops

and finally he glides along the ledge with velocity for weird reasons

I know these are a lot of problems to ask for help with but i simply cant figure out why as these issues did not appear when the blueprint was set up in the character blueprint.

Does anyone know why these issues might occur?

Here is how the blueprint looks in the ledge actor right now

Allright I have managed to Isolate the issue to the movement on ledge section basically its not doing anything atm
I have tried setting it up to getting fire by the event tick but I am still not getting any information from the controller movement
Anyone have suggestions on how to solve that issue?

Okay I solved all of the above issues

now I have a more general question. Is it possible to set a priority to when the player is overlapping to ledges at the same time.
At the moment the player character can move from one ledge to another just fine as long as the angle isn’t too extreme, but when he hits a corner the fun begins. He cant decide which ledge to rotate to when overlapping both, so i was thinking if it was possible to make the player jump to the ledge he isn’t currently on by setting a priority (if A and B is true then switch to B) something like that.
I am of course open to any and all help I can get.

I’m pretty novice with blueprint, but such a true/false statement sounds fairly straightforward. How would you determine which ledge is which then? My assumption would be to give the ledges a variable that is set to true when the player is grabbing it, then check to see which ledge has a false “IsGrabbed?” variable and then grab that one. How you would determine one ledge from another when transitioning is beyond me at the moment.

Hi Lenni! could you show us anothers screenshots of your current stage? I try to make a similar system but I’m novice