LeapMotion & Interactive button

Hey everyone, I’m working on a virtual museum project, mostly modelling and placing those files into a level being built in UE4. We’re using the LeapMotion to add interactivity, i.e. grabbing museum objects, or running a hand underwater to have the water move over it type of deal. What I’m currently trying to achieve, is creating a button, like on a pedestal accompanying one of the museum pieces, that when press with the leapMotion hand, will play an audio clip (or display text, some variable.) Is this possible? We’re not programmers by any means, and pretty new to UE4, but I’m thinking, because our leapMotion hands can interact with physical objects, that the button (probably a simple cylinder or some such) would also be able to interact with the mesh of the leapMotion hands, I’m just not sure how to go about starting this. Any tutorials, or references in the right direction would be much appreciated! Thanks!