LeapMotion error on Standalone

Hi All,

I am using 10.4 to develop my game and whenever I create a standalone for testing, I am greeted with an error.

The project builds fine, the error appears when you ope the .exe of the built game. It is a pop up that you can dismiss and does not stop you from playing the game.

However, it is incredibly annoying and I just can’t seem to fix it.

So far, I have tried to delete every reference to LeapMotion, as I’m not actually using it in my project, I have opened the .uproject file in a text editor and removed the plugin reference from there, but, it still appears. The plugin isn’t active in the plugins browser, in fact, it doesn’t even exist in the browser.

Any help or advice with this would be most appreciated.

I have recently updated to 4.15, but, the build game just crashes instantly, with a completely different error! So, updating to a newer version is not an option I would prefer.

Thanks for reading