Leap Motion,How to get the real hand?

Now I have got the images from Event Raw Image Received,but I want to get the hand only,What am I to do?

For the unofficial plugin (which is what you’re using there) image hands are still being worked on. There are a lot of small details to get right for your hands to appear where you want them to be masked out of the camera feed and its taking me a bit longer to get there.

A easy way to have just hands from the images (not necessarily aligned or anything) would be to use a brightness opacity on a transparent or masked material shader.

If you’re clever, you can reproject the tracked hand’s position back onto the image and then raise the alpha cutoff threshold as you move away from the center of the tracked hand.

The threshold gradient’s radius could change with the distance that the tracked hand is away from the HMD.

Thank you very much!

Sorry,I don’t understand what you said.