Leap motion applies to much force

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a project using htc + leap motion.
My goal is to manipulate buttons, sliders and so on to simulate a control panel.
So far so good. I can move the elements around and everything works fine as long as i do not use more then one finger.
As soon as I use two fingers to move a slider for example, it starts glitching between my fingers.
I guess it is firing different collision events for each finger and moves the object quite fast from one finger to the other.
I don not want to attach the slider with physic handle, it has to be done with physics.

What I tried so far : increase the mass and damping
This did not work at all, so i was wondering if the leap motion hands just don not care about a objects mass and push it anyway.
Is there a possibility to get friction or moment of inertia?

Best Regards

You’d have to create physics based leap motion hands, or fake the physics on the controls, because the game objects do not interface with your real hands, just the leap versions of them.

So there is no good way to achieve this? I saw that there have been quite good results with particle based meshes, but they deformed the object and that is not what I am looking for.