Layred blend per bone not working

I have two slots groups for my animations, one for upper body (to equip the bow) and fullbody (for roll with root motion) but I can not leave both active with the layered blend per bone, when I put the second group slot the first to stop working, help me pls.

Hey there, this might be related to the bones you are using on the Branch Filters - try one bone “up” the chain, for example, if the Spine01’s parent is the Pelvis bone, use the Pelvis in the filter.

Not working too…only the fullbody animations can be played.

Hey there, sorry about the later reply. Been mulling over your issue and TBH the only times I’ve experienced issues with the layered bone blend is when any of the animations/states/slots I’m blending are using the filter bone I’m blending them with. So my best guess here is that an anim in your UpperBody slot is using the Hips bone. Try knocking up the Blend Weight by 50 or more to see if you start getting some blend between the poses?